5 Jobs That Get Car Insurance Discounts

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Car insurance is required by the law to protect you from any liability if your car gets involved in an accident. As insurance has a lot of benefits, it could cost a lot, as insurance companies determine the amount you pay per month or per annum based on the risk you pose.

After giving your personal and financial information to the insurance company, there is a complex program that will be used in determining your premium. This is done through the analysis of a lot of factors. Some of the basic factors that are usually considered are:

The type of car you drive (year/make/model)

Your driving history

Your accident history

One of the most important factors used, which most people do not pay attention to, is the job of the applicant. You will find a list of some of the jobs that qualify for insurance discounts. If you have any other questions about your insurance policy, or if you don’t see your profession listed but think you may still warrant a discount, please contact Mattis Insurance Today!

Jobs That Matter

There are hundreds of jobs available; however, not all will help you get car insurance discounts. Insurance companies pick certain professions because of the relationship those jobs have with risk. Discounts are offered to the people having those jobs based on the correlation between the profession and the number of claims drivers in those professions have filed over the years. While offering discounts based on jobs is not the practice of all insurance companies, most still use the following  jobs in offering some kinds of discount from time to time. If you have a question about your profession and an associating discount, please contact Mattis Insurance Today.


Being a police officer is one of the ways of getting car insurance discounts, and those discounts range from between 5 and 10% in most cases. The reason is that the vast majority of policemen do what it takes to prevent accidents. Thus, they are of low risk. Working during unusual hours of the day is another thing that makes it possible for them to get discounts, as it is the time they are not likely to be involved in an accident.


Insurance providers also give discounts of up to 10% to firefighters. One of the reasons being in appreciation of the work that fire responders do to prevent or minimize damage to lives and properties. Firefighters are seen to know the risks of accidents, and would do anything to prevent them.

Doctors and Nurses

Doctors, nurses, dentists and people in similar area in the medical field can also get car insurance discounts, which could be up to 15%. These are people who save lives, and are thus seen as low-risk individuals when applying for a car insurance policy.


Scientists also get good discounts on car insurance because these are people who have gone through college with math, computer science, psychology and other types of advanced degrees have better chances of getting good discount because they are seen to know the risks and implications of accidents. Logic says they these individuals do everything in their power to prevent those incidents. Some insurance companies provide conditions under which the discounts are granted. For example, it could be that the driver must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree before being eligible.

Military Discounts

Those in the military can also get good car insurance discounts. Insurance companies offer discounts to service men and women in appreciation of their service in defending the nation. Discounts are also given because military personnel do not drive for many hours during the day, as they are almost always in their duty posts. They are always in the low-risk category, and this even applies to retired officers.

Other Jobs

Those are the 5 jobs that can help you to get car insurance discounts. If you don’t belong to any of those professions, you can still get some discounts with insurers that offer deals to people who belong to auto clubs. For instance, you could get about 5% discount if you belong to an auto club such as AAA or AARP.


Getting car insurance discounts requires proving to insurers that you are low risk. If you are an educator, there are also insurance companies that can reduce your premium. There are companies providing deals for teachers and staff of academic institutions. In addition to the discount, coverage could also be provided for school-owned property or teaching material damaged or stolen while in the car. If you have a question about your profession and an associating discount, please contact Mattis Insurance Today.