Commercial vs Personal Auto Insurance, What are the Differences

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In the insurance world, there are a lot of terms and conditions that we don’t always understand because we often have not taken the time to look into the details of what the coverage entails. Drivers must be extra careful when looking into the terms and conditions that apply to both personal and commercial vehicles. Both of these plans are very different from one another and vary from one company to the next. In order to make these two policies a little more understandable we explain them below. If you have any other questions, Mattis Insurance has a friendly bi-lingual staff ready to answer your questions.  Contact us today.

Personal Auto Coverage

Personal coverage is going to protect an individual driver or families on group plans. This is going to keep your assets safe if they need to be recovered or repaired. As an insurance holder you will not be held responsible for any charges that are the cause of an accident. Getting this type of insurance is easy but knowing all of the information that applies to it might take some time and research. In order to obtain a quote from a lender you will have to provide them with personal information that they will evaluate. How does this compare to commercial auto insurance? Fill out our Personal Auto Quote here for free.

Business vs. Personal

Those who drive a commercial vehicle have far more responsibilities when it comes to driving. Every business has their own set of rules for the driver and they also have their own policies that each employee must abide by. These plans are made for places of businesses who have many employees driving around company vehicles. These automobiles are even registered differently than personal ones because of the sensitive legal issues that apply.

If you are in search of a coverage plan it’s best to avoid commercial unless it applies to a place of business. Personal plans are far more common than commercial because they are purchased for an individual driver, a couple or a family. These are two very separate policies that are created for different reasons. Commercial drivers are often under a liability coverage and most states require this being that it covers damage to vehicles and to passengers in the car. The company that lends out these vehicles will be affected by rates if they have continuous claims from a series of employees.

Before you make a purchase on this type of coverage it’s best to read through the terms that apply so that you fully understand what the policy entails. Nonetheless, it is very valuable for a business because of the legal aspect. The employee isn’t should not use the vehicle unless it is for coming to and from work. If the employee uses the vehicle for personal transportation and they get in an accident it could be a problem for either the employee or place of business depending on what has occurred. Contact Mattis Insurance or fill out our Free Commercial Auto Quote for more information.

Different Types of Commercial Insurance

Due to the fact that there are so many different industries that use company cars there are various policies to choose from. Consider the size of your company first and know how many vehicles will be lent out to employees. One type of plan is the Hired Car Physical Damage coverage which gives your business the defense that it needs if the vehicle is being rented or leased out. There are some lenders who will give commercial customers a deal if they also invest in health insurance from the same company – shopping around will give you an idea of what type of option you can work with. Contact Mattis Insurance for more information on discounts.

The biggest and most important factor in obtaining the right plan is being able to identify with the risks that apply to areas of transportation. If you are travelling often you may want to invest more money into a coverage plan (that applies to personal and commercial usage). While it may seem like an extra expense it is one that is extremely valuable in making sure that you actually save money in the long run. Accidents are inevitable especially since we are not in control of other drivers. We live in a day and age in which it is not safe to invest in anything without making sure that you are covered by something in case of an accident or in case of an asset being stolen. There are many people who prey on those who have valuable assets and protecting what we have worked so hard for is the smartest thing that we can do for ourselves and for our loved ones.

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