5 Jobs That Get Car Insurance Discounts

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Car insurance is required by the law to protect you from any liability if your car gets involved in an accident. As insurance has a lot of benefits, it could cost a lot, as insurance companies determine the amount you pay per month or per annum based on the risk you pose. After giving your personal and financial information to … Read More

5 Things That Impact Your Car Insurance Premium

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Car insurance is a contract which protects a car owner from financial loss if an accident occurs. The contract signed between the insurance company and the car owner on payment of the premium makes the company obligated to pay the losses as defined in the policy. Car insurance usually provides liability, cost to repair or replace that car and medical … Read More

Commercial vs Personal Auto Insurance, What are the Differences

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In the insurance world, there are a lot of terms and conditions that we don’t always understand because we often have not taken the time to look into the details of what the coverage entails. Drivers must be extra careful when looking into the terms and conditions that apply to both personal and commercial vehicles. Both of these plans are … Read More

What Kind of Auto Insurance Do I Need If I Lease a Car?

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There are certain kinds of insurance plans that are much more difficult to understand than your typical policy; one type comes into play when leasing a car. The majority of companies that lease out vehicles will require you to have comprehensive and collision coverage. Carrying both these doesn’t come cheap. Unfortunately, the majority of people are already paying too much … Read More

How You Can Save Money on Car Insurance in Houston

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Investing in car insurance is one of the smartest and most protective ways to make sure that you are safe on and off the road. As you may or may not know, running the risk of driving without car insurance can often lead you to more expenses than you had expected. For new drivers or new car owners, the process … Read More